LEVEL PLUS FIBER is an easy-to-use, cement-based self-levelling underlayment designed for use
over various substrates including concrete and ceramic tile. It is high strength and provides a
smooth and flat surface for the installation of floor finishes, such as tile or parquet.

Download pdf with technical specifications
  • For layers 1-50 mm thick
  • Low chemical emissions – safe to use indoors
  • On recomposed or laminated wooden panels
  • For residential and commercial use
  • On old substrates with adhesive or levelling residues
  • To create planar, absorbent and
    high resistance for installation of finishes
    Textile, elastic and tiles.
  • Ideal for levelling prior to the installation of large format tiles
  • Fibre reinforced, suitable over plywood
  • Suitable for heated screeds
  • Fast setting, foot traffic after approximately 4 hours
  • Flexible, modified with polymers
  • Low emissions of volatile organic substances
  • Easy to use and install – pumpable
  • Conform TO EN 13813 CT-C30-F7 E fl
Download pdf with technical specifications